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How to get my cat to love me

When it comes to getting your cat’s love, it can be a tricky issue especially if it is a feral cat or one you picked up from a shelter. You have to take note of the cat’s background and character of the cat you choose to bring in to your home. A cat with a scarred background will definitely take time to put their trust and love in you. But don’t worry, here are some tried and tested methods that have worked wonders for cats and their owners which can help you too.

1. Calling the shots

Cats like to be in control no matter where or when. So let your cat be the one to make the first approach when they want to start their playtime. Instead of approaching them, let your cat approach you when they want your attention. This way, you are not intruding on their personal time or space.

2. Petting your cat

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The way you pet your cat matters because some cats have their no-go spots no matter how close you are to them. It is just one of their pet peeves and could result in getting scratches or bites if you cross that boundary. When you approach your cat, show your hand at their eye level and let them smell your fingers if they want to.

Then start from below their chin and rub that spot. From there, you can gently rub their head and body following the cue from your cat. If you are lucky, your cat might start kneading at this point. Do not approach your cat with your hand from above them as this is how a predator would catch a prey and cats do not like this.

3. Learning your cat’s sensitive spots

Where you rub your cat’s body, be attentive of their body language. A low folded ears being sideways is an indication for you to stop petting or it could get aggressive. You should step away and give your cat space at this moment. Tell tale signs to take note would be tail swishing side to side, ears flat out to the sides or back and eyes dilated.

4. Playing with them

Cats favorite toys are strings or wands. Especially those with feathers or bells attached to them. Playing with them gives them a feeling of bonding and enjoyment. And as natural predators, they need to let off all those excess energy in those cute, little furball bodies. You will know once they had their fun, they will find their spot to chill in.

5. Welcome back home

Some cats love to smell their owners once they are back. So whether its back from work or vacation, extend your hand out to their nose level and let them smell you as a welcome back home sign. You can give a few rubs on their head or body and kiss, depending on your cat. Then it is time to feed them while you head for a quick shower.

Cats are creatures of habit just like humans. They like to have with a routine that they are most comfortable with. Once you and your cats have worked out a routine, you will find them giving more love and attention towards you. Of course, you need to remember every cat is an individual of their own. If you have 2 or more cats, you will notice each of them have their own sub routine of their own and that what makes them special.

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